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What is YEP?

The Young Emerging Professionals of Williamsburg (YEP) group was established in spring of 2007. YEP is a group of young professionals in the Williamsburg area dedicated to making our community a better place to live, work, and play. YEP provides professional/educational, social, and philanthropic opportunities to its members.

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Why should I join YEP?

YEP is an excellent organization to be involved in to develop socially, professionally and civically in a casual, yet professional atmosphere. As an active YEP member, you will have access to member-exclusive events throughout the year and receive discounted admission, event fees to many social opportunities.

Finally, by being an active YEP member, you will help to support our organization so we can continue to have an impact in the local community, and provide perks and incentives to fellow active members.

How do I join YEP?

If you are interested in joining YEP, please fill out our online membership form. Membership in YEP costs $45 a year with an initial application fee of $15.

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What community service opportunities does YEP provide?

YEP has adopted the first mile of the Virginia Capital Trail between Jamestown and Richmond. Every quarter we meet to walk the trail to clean the start of a beautiful trail for bikers, joggers and walkers.

We annually donate to The Grove Christian Outreach center, deliver handmade Valentines to members of Williamsburg Landing, and collaborate with and support other charities and local organizations including Beyond Boobs!, Literacy for Life, Avalon and Child Development Resources (CDR).

What professional networking opportunities does YEP provide?

YEP provides multiple opportunities for its members to make community connections and develop their networking skills.

  • Networking Lunches. Our monthly luncheons are for members and non-members alike who live or work in the Williamsburg, VA area. We welcome all young professionals to local restaurants to make connections, friends, do business in our community and expand your knowledge and experience. YEP lunches are an inexpensive and friendly way to get to know others.
  • Membership Meetings. YEP hosts FREE bi-monthly meetings exclusively for its members. Meetings connect members with influential and successful speakers who can talk directly about the hottest topics that affect you, your career, and your future. YEP members are also given the opportunity to be speakers at these events and highlight their areas of expertise.
  • Evening Events. YEP hosts special quarterly events at various locations throughout the community. These evening events feature a guest speaker, time to eat, drink and as always, network. Our professional development events have an average attendance of 30 young professionals. Past events have included a private evening at the Muscarelle Museum and an Etiquette Dinner at the Williamsburg Inn. Being an active YEP member means you receive discounted admission to these special events.

What social opportunities does YEP provide?

YEP keeps a packed social calendar with open events such as regular Happy Hours (complete with drink specials and raffle prizes), William and Mary football tailgate, summer cookout, and more. YEP also hosts ticketed events such as the “Night at the Museum,” an after-hours, private event at the Muscarelle Museum, and the Williamsburg Craft Beer Festival, a charitable event done in partnership with the Rotary Club of Williamsburg that has become an instant hit within the community.

Active members are also invited to enjoy the annual Holiday Party, a formal evening full of dancing, hors d’oeuvres, drinks and fundraising.

YEP is always working to expand its current social calendar and to also promote social activities and events hosted by other organizations within the community. If you have any fun ideas or want to share an event with us, please let us know!

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