On May 30th, YEP had the opportunity to experience Colonial Williamsburg Chef’s Garden Tour and Tasting. Our theme was CHOCOLATE. We met in the Taste Studio and were welcomed by Executive Chef Ryhs Lewis and Pastry Chef Rodney Diehl. They treated us to a Chocolate Martini, created with Lillet and Lavender infused Ciroc Vodka. They then walked us over to the King’s Arms Garden where they picked several items from the garden including, lavender, mint, and some flower we actually ended up eating with our truffles.

Back at the Taste Studio, they walked us through the process of tempering chocolate, which gives the chocolate the shiny appearance. We also got to try out the original process of making chocolate from the beans with stone blocks.

After the tutorials they served us the truffles we just witnessed them create.  However, before we could devour the sweetness placed before us, we were instructed on the correct way to eat a truffle! Know this piece of information really did make tasting the truffle a wonderful experience and really let us savor the flavor. As we said goodbye, they rewarded us with four truffles to take home, and they were just as delicious with flavors of cherry, lavender, and even chili!

If you missed out on this YEP event, you truly missed a wonderfully unique experience! But do not worry, we will be scheduling another one!