As we reach the end of the 2014-2015 fiscal year, we are accepting applications for the next year’s YEP board members. To get a firsthand description of each position, current board members share their experiences. 

Social Programming

Pro: Having a hand in planning many awesome events that YEP puts on throughout the community. It was so much fun lending my ideas to the board and seeing some of them come to life.

Pro: In addition to getting to know and work closely with the other board members, there is also the opportunity to meet a lot more people in the community. Being on the board, you attend more events and you welcome members and guests to the events therefore being in a more social position.

Con: This is not really a con, but I was not prepared to have to front some costs. Everything is reimbursed with the treasurer, but the first event I had to do some purchasing I was not prepared for. Another board member fronted the cost then. However, a pro to this “con” is getting to go shopping knowing you’re getting the money back! It was especially fun getting to buy the supplies for the holiday party.

Sarah-Daye Hand